ATL44553 Review

The ATL44553 is, in my opinion, a great looking fan that comes in a stylish space-saving towering design. It is a great fan for small apartments, offices and rooms where there isn’t enough space for conventional overhead fans.

Despite the fan’s small size, its 60 degree oscillation angle and high reaching height allows it to sweep from left to right cooling a wide area. In addition, it easily fits into some tiny spaces, including tight corners and areas with limited spaces as long as you do not obstruct air flow.

This oscillating fan is easy to use. Most people can easily figure out its simple control panel. It comes with 3 fan speed settings, which you can configure to the setting that you want at the press of a button. It comes in a light gray color.



  • No assembly is required when you first take the fan out of its box. It comes fully assembled and ready for use.
  • It comes in a cool light gray color.
  • It stands at 30 Inches tall, 9 inches wide and 7 inches in depth and has 3 different fan speed settings.

What’s So Great About The ATL44553?

  • The strength of the ATL44553 is its tower design. You will save lots of space with it since it only takes up very small area, which is why it is great for small spaces. If you live in a small apartment or have a very small office space, this is a great fan to go for.
  • Its slim design and light gray color gives it a great look.
  • This fan also runs quietly. You can have it on when watching TV, studying or even in your bedroom.
  • The ATL44553 is easy to use too. Selecting the fan speed of your choice is easy thanks to its simple control panel layout.
  • Finally, the fan also comes with a handy remote control for added convenience.

What’s Not So Great About The ATL44553?

One of its major drawbacks is the low fan strength; you may not exactly feel the fan blowing strong enough if you sit at a certain distance away from it. In fact, it may not feel like its blowing at all in very large spaces. It only works efficiently in small areas. You may not get the desired feel if you use it in spaces bigger than it was designed for.

Is This A Great Purchase?

All in all, this product is a great purchase. A quiet, space saving and easy to use cooling fan.