Crane Stainless Steel Tower Fan Review

Proper air flow is crucial in homes, not only to regulate temperature levels, but also eliminate impurities, forestall mold growth while providing a health-friendly and pleasant breathing surrounding. A good fan offers air circulation to improve ventilation, prevents too much humidity build-up and sloughs off contaminants from the house.

The Crane Stainless Steel Tower Fan is beautifully designed, compact to fit tight spaces and is adjustable to offer different levels of cooling.

The power setting allows the users to raise or lower blowing speeds at varying rates, has a timer control and comes with a small remote for operation. It is great for homes where there are mild temperatures to provide air circulation for cooling and refreshing rooms. The fan offers a cooling breeze that supplements the air conditioner devoid of obtrusive noises. It is a mid-velocity blowing fan that comes in handy for air circulation and redistributes AC, particularly where a home has cool tilt-in ventilation.



The Crane Stainless Steel Tower Fan is made of alloy, sturdy and elegantly finished. It offers three speed settings to vary the circulation velocity and attain a natural breeze. The fan has three oscillating angles while it is operable via a remote control and mounted controls. The electronic timer further facilitates adjust-ability as it allows periodic setting for the functioning of the fan.

What’s So Great About The Crane Stainless Steel Tower Fan?

  1. Quietness: The fan is highly appropriate for moving air around the room as it operates quietly. This means it will not disrupt occupants too much in the room where it is placed.
  2. Efficiency: It circulates air smoothly; this restores a natural breeze during summers and hot nights. It is flexible and allows the use of different settings to cool rooms at different temperatures.
  3. Oscillation: Diametrically opposed to the box fan, the Crane Stainless Steel can be oscillated without causing rattling or clicking noises.
  4. Flexibility: The Crane stainless fan incorporates a “wind” feature that allows the user to fluctuate air circulation power instead of operating constantly. This gives the room a natural wind-like breeze.
  5. Easiness in use: The fan comes with a remote for easy operation and intuitive knobs for changing settings. It also comes with a clear-cut manual guide on how to use with symbols and all details.

What’s Not So Great About The Crane Stainless Steel Tower Fan?

  1. Low power: Since it has a considerably lower circulating power, the fan’s speed is not apt for rooms with extremely high temperatures. It is only effective for mild weather or during summer nights.
  2. The remote does not fit well: The remote does not dovetail into the place where it’s supposed to be kept as it sits loosely.
  3. Overly bright light: The fan has glistening light that may cause disruptions if one is hypersensitive to light-rays at night.

Is This A Great Purchase?

The product is worth it as it has sufficient power to keep most rooms cool in mild weather. It has fair rotating velocity, comes with a remote, three settings and operates quietly. The design and style of the fan is also, in my opinion, catchy while its size does not encroach on space.