DeLonghi TCH7090ER Review

Portable ceramic heaters work like convection heaters and make use of ceramic plates that come with aluminum baffles. Electricity slowly moves through this ceramic and heats it up. The fan on the heater then blows hot air inside the room keeping it warm. This is the basic functioning of ceramic heaters. DeLonghi Safeheat Ceramic Tower Heater is an eco-friendly heater that consists of multiple heat settings. These heat settings include EcoEnergy, Boost and Minimum function. This helps you to save up to 40 percent of your energy.



  • The product has a dimension of 8.5 x 7.5 x 24 inches and weight of seven pounds.
  • DeLonghi SafeHeat Ceramic Tower Heater comes with 1500-watt capacity.
  • 28-inch high ceramic heater tower that also has a fan-only option meant especially for summer. This makes it very convenient to handle and carry.
  • It can provide spot heating as its ceramic heating element operates in side to side oscillatory movement.
  • It comes with a power indicator light, digital control panel that is easy to use along with a LCD display, remote control, 24-hour timer, air filtration and anti-freeze setting.
  • Its removable dust filter makes maintaining and cleaning the SafeHeat Ceramic Tower Heater convenient.
  • The ceramic heater is safe as it has additional features such as thermal cut-offs that prevent overheating and also has an internal tip safety switch that runs automatically and turns off if the unit falls over.
  • It is an intelligent heater which automatically selects the level of power to use that is based on the current temperature in the room and the set temperature.
  • The oscillation is driven by motor and equally distributes the warm air from the heater all over the room. The overheat protection and the anti-freeze functions are its other important features.

What’s So Great About The DeLonghi SafeHeat Ceramic Tower Heater?

There are numerous advantages of this product, some of which will be discussed below:

  • Its EcoEnergy function understands the requirement of the temperature in the room accordingly and sets its own temperature.
  • It has digitized controlling along with easy remote operations. Its electronic adjustable room thermostat is durable and lives long enough to survive the different voltage fluctuations.
  • It is an intelligent heater and it automatically begins its heating function, the moment the room temperature comes down below a certain threshold.
  • The heater comes with air filtration helping you breathe clean air.
  • It has 24-hour digital timer that lets you start up the heater at a predetermined time.

What’s Not So Great About The DeLonghi SafeHeat Ceramic Tower Heater?

Although the DeLonghi SafeHeat is laced with many features, the product does not remember its previous settings, forcing you to adjust it again and again with each use.

Is This A Great Purchase?

The DeLonghi SafeHeat is a great purchase because it comes with minimal drawbacks. It has many advantages that overcome the drawbacks and provides you with the service of a great heater.