Dyson AM01 Review

The Dyson AM01 has many advantages, while the disadvantages are mostly personal preferences. In this article, we will discuss the specifications, pros and cons of this product.



Authorized resellers offer a two years parts and labor warranty. This fan encases the blades inside the base, making it essentially bladeless. It uses the air multiplier to increase air output flow, and has been re-engineered to be quieter than both traditional fans and previous models of its own design.

What’s So Great About The Dyson AM01?

The use of the Dyson AM01 can help reduce the power bill of the user by as much as twenty percent. This fan is small enough to fit into many tight spaces, but the air multiplier system increases air output enough to allow it to be a contender against traditional fans. The fact that the blades are hidden inside the base make it safer for children and pets. Not to mention that it is easier to clean and reduces the buffeted air effect, making the air flow more smoothly. The assembly of this fan is simple. In fact, the assembly consists of only two steps; snap the fan into the base, and plug it in. The fan also has a tilt feature, allowing the direction of air flow to be altered to the consumer’s preference. In addition to all of these features, the Dyson AM01 also has the ability to oscillate to one hundred and eighty degrees.

What’s Not So Great About The Dyson AM01?

The few complaints that consumers had about the Dyson AM01 10” fan were based on personal preferences. Several people who purchased this fan complained that the noise level was too high, or that the noise was not the generic white noise that they had expected.

Another complaint that many consumers had was that no remote control is included, meaning that if the fan was oscillating, they had to chase down the buttons.

The last complaint that consumers had was that the air flow was not as high volume as they had anticipated.

Is This A Great Purchase?

In my opinion, the Dyson AM01 is a great purchase. It is a great purchase because it provides a smooth air flow safely, without the use of dangerous visible blades. Also has many of the same features of traditional fans without the bulky size and choppy air flow. Using this fan in addition to central air or window units could reduce the power bill of the consumer by as much as twenty percent, meaning that it could be worth the price in one summer.