Honeywell CS10XE Review

Air coolers are an outstanding option for those who are wary of air conditioners. These devices are pocket-friendly and they do not need any complicated installation procedure. These come in different forms, and they do not need much maintenance either. They are more power-efficient than air conditioners and thus assist users to reduce their electricity bill. One among such air coolers is the CS10XE 21 Pint Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler. This is a reliable and durable product of Honeywell, a multinational conglomerate corporation in the United States.



The CS10XE air cooler from Honeywell is a great option for chilling down the indoor of an office or home. It is a handy evaporative air cooler that reduces the power consumption bill to a extent during dry and hot conditions.

These evaporative air coolers do not need power starving compressors. They are designed to consume only 100 watts of power on low to translate it into considerable savings on utility bills compared to air conditioners. This device just requires water and it can be plugged in to get the cool air by placing it near an open window or door.

The device is capable of cooling a room with a maximum capacity of 175 square feet. It is equipped with four fans and oscillating louvers. The speeds of these fans and oscillating louvers dispense cool air evenly through the honeycomb cooling medium.

It is equipped with a carbon dust filter, which is intended to purify the air.

This evaporative air cooler that comes equipped with an electronic control panel is mostly trouble-free to use and with the complete-function remote control with on-board storage. This allows users to operate the portable CS10XE 21 Pint air cooler from across the room. The convenient remote also allows users to have better control over its settings on the fly.

The non-compressor system of the device cools the room in a natural way efficiently and economically by offering a 300 CFM air flow.

This handy evaporative air cooler from Honeywell comes with e detachable 21-pint or 2.6-gallon water container with low water alert function.

This air cooler has a compact design that comes with the dimensions 31.5 inches in height, 15.7 inches in width and with the depth of 13.5 inches, so it will not occupy much space.

As it is a portable evaporative air cooler, it can be shifted to any room easily as it only weighs 16.5 lbs.

It comes in two attractive colors, such as silver and gray.

What’s So Great About The Honeywell CS10XE?

  1. It comes with a handy carbon dust filter to purify the air.
  2. It is available with a 21 pint-per-day removable water container for easy filling.
  3. The remote enables users to control the device from far away.
  4. It consumes less power than air conditioners.
  5. The non-compressor system of the air cooler cools the room efficiently, naturally and economically.

What’s Not So Great About The Honeywell CS10XE?

  1. The air cooler does not come with a multi pack indicator.

Is This A Great Purchase?

The CS10XE 21 Pint air cooler from Honeywell is a great device for those who would like to have cooling with low power consumption. It is also suitable for both home and office and for those who want to control the device from far away.