Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan Review

Honeywell is a big brand in the home electronics market. Honeywell Quietset Whole Room tower fan is a great product, especially if your neighborhood experiences hot weather conditions. The beautiful thing about the fan is that you have the 8-speed levels of cooling to enable you to adjust to your desired room temperature depending on the time of the day.



  • A remote control for ease of operation
  • LED display of control buttons
  • Digital thermostat
  • Auto shut-off timer
  • One year warranty

What’s So Great About The Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan?

Simplicity in deployment

This room cooling device is simple to use and operate. After purchase, all you need to do is to unpack it from the box and plug it in to a power point. Nonetheless, it comes with a user manual as part of the packaging so that you can refer to it anytime.


The Honeywell Quietset Whole Room tower Fan has a remote control device. Sometimes you might feel tired of moving up and down to adjust the oscillating speeds of your fan and as a result the temperature of your room. The remote control comes in handy to enable you to operate from the comfort of your seat.

Easy to clean

The cooling fan is made of high quality plastic material which is non-sticky. When dust settles on it or a colleague at work accidentally spills tea on it, you can easily clean it by using a wet towel to wipe off the dirt.

Dual operation

Even though the Honeywell whole room tower fan has remote control functionality, you can still operate it using the LED buttons. This is especially applicable to a family with a young child at home. Kids are known to play with the remote control device and end up misplacing it. If the remote control device is misplaced by the child, you do not need to worry. The LED buttons will enable you to operate the Honeywell tower fan any day.

Conservation of space

The tower model of the cooling fan ensures that it occupies a small space in your house or office. You shouldn’t need to transfer other office equipment to create space for it.

What’s Not So Great About The Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan?

Power consumption

If the fan is left to operate for long hours, the electricity bill might go up. It is important to switch off the Honeywell Tower Fan when the office is closed. However, this product has auto-shut functionality. Be sure to use it. This will enable you to save on power usage.

Is This A Great Purchase?

The Honeywell Quietset Whole Room tower fan is a great purchase because it has an auto shut-off timer which is easily adjustable to fit your specific environment of use. Take the example of your bedroom; you can set the fan to run for 20 minutes as you go to bed so that it saves you the need to jump out of your bed to go switch it off.