Samergy Bladeless Fan – 14 Inch – With LED Light (Blue White) Review

People always need a fan to cool a specific room in the Spring and Summer seasons. The Samergy Bladeless Fan is a personal fan that offers many features. The Samergy bladeless fan with LED is a fan for the elegant home. It is meant to be put on a desk or a coffee table and both cool and decorate the room that it is in. While using safe bladeless technology, this quiet fan will keep a small room decorated, circulated, and cool.



In the Samergy 14 inch Bladeless Blue and White LED Fan’s box, the oval and vents are separated into two pieces. This is for compact shipping and to keep the fan from breaking. To assemble the fan, a button is pushed on the bottom half and the top half snaps into place. The Samergy Bladeless fan is three and a half pounds, nine inches wide, and twenty two inches tall. The inner oval’s diameter from top to bottom is fourteen and a half inches tall. The technology known as bladeless technology uses two vents and the fan’s shape to draw in air, push the air over the airfoil ramp, and blow it back out in a steady breeze. This fan is a glossy white everywhere besides the cord, which is black, and the inner oval, which is glossy blue. Once the two pieces of the fan are snapped into place and the cord is plugged in an outlet, the fan is ready to operate.

The Samergy Bladeless fan features five buttons on the front that can control the airflow, turn LED lights on or off, and control oscillations in a swivel mode. In addition, a simple and easy remote is included with the fan that can control the features from a distance using infrared technology. On the bottom ring of the fan, there is a ring of Light Emitting Diode (LED) white lights. The 35 W fan can be controlled to operate with lights on the bottom, or no light at all.

What’s So Great About The Samergy Bladeless Fan?

The Samergy Bladeless Fan, in my opinion, looks very cool and is a good conversation piece. This fan is safe to be put anywhere. The Samergy Bladeless fan’s oval will not hurt pets or children. In addition, the bladeless technology makes the fan very easy to clean. Also, bladeless fans send air throughout the room in a constant and comfortable stream. Normal blade fans chop air and send it in unpleasant waves. This fan is very useful for anyone who wants to cool a small room. The easy-to-use remote can control the fan from a distance; and the buttons on the fan can be used if the remote is lost or broken.

What’s Not So Great About The Samergy Bladeless Fan?

This fan can get loud if it is used at high airflow. The highest mode could be unpleasant if the user is trying to sleep with the fan running. However, the fan can be adjusted to be quieter. Buyers should should keep in mind that the Samergy Bladeless 14 Inch Fan with LED Light is not an industrial fan. This fan is not intended to cool a large room or warehouse.

Is This A Great Purchase?

The Samergy Bladeless 14 Inch Fan with LED lights is a great purchase because it provides a safe and comfortable alternative to fans with blades. This fan, in my opinion, will not fail to impress as it circulates cool air throughout the room in a fashionable manner. This is a great buy for anyone looking for a good-looking, durable, safe, easy-to-use fan which is different from standard fans.