SHARP Plasmacluster PF-ETC1 Review

Airborne particles are a major cause of numerous diseases and health concerns. This is simply because these particles are breathed collectively with oxygen by the individuals living in the same atmosphere with them. This makes it essential to try and get rid of these particles or make them non-active so that they do not cause their adverse effects. One of the recommended ways of making them non-active is robbing them the hydrogen in which is required for them to thrive. This can be carried out using the Plasmacluster ion technology by means of a plasma cluster fan. The fan generates positive and negative ions that forms hydroxyl, referred to as a natural air purifying element.

One fan that can perform this task of air purifying is the SHARP Plasmacluster Slim Tower Type Fan PF-ETC1 W White which imitates the Earth’s natural cleansing process.



The SHARP Plasmacluster Slim Tower Type Fan utilizes electric power where it has a power consumption of AC 100V. It also has a DC motor. Its weight is four kgs, which allows it to be carried easily. It is also reasonably small in size, which means that it is not bulky and as a result does not take up a lot of room. The technology used to make this fan is in a way that the fan exhibits very little noise, keeping it usable even in noiseless environments where people are doing work or demand maximum concentration. In my opinion, it is attractively designed, making it appealing to be positioned in front offices and sitting rooms.

What’s So Great About The SHARP Plasmacluster Slim Tower Type Fan?

One of the most significant benefits of the SHARP Plasmacluster Slim Tower Type Fan is that it does not create any harmful air particles, which can result in diseases or other negative health issues. Another benefit of this fan is that it is made employing technology which makes it practical in quiet settings.

The fan is also created in a manner that it consumes just enough power, making it power efficient. Not to mention that it also has a DC motor.

What’s Not So Great About The SHARP Plasmacluster Slim Tower Type Fan?

The SHARP plasmaclustwer slim tower type fan has received criticism from different individuals who whine that it needs an adapter for it to be used effectively. This is generally brought about by the point that the power designs of its original country are different from those in some other countries.

The fan can also be difficult to use for starters who might not understand the guidelines clearly. Nonetheless, after using it for the very first time it becomes less complicated and simpler to use.

Is This A Great Purchase?

The SHARP Plasmacluster Slim Tower Type Fan is a great purchase since good health is among the things that everyone should take care of. This fan endorses good health in that it minimizes the chances of individuals getting sick due to breathing in the unsafe airborne particles. It is also a great value for money since it is reasonably priced taking into consideration the technology used to make it and the advantages that comes with it.