Sharper Image SI397 Review

The Sharper Image Ionic Breeze 3.0 Compact Silent Air Purifier (SI397) does an effective job in capturing particles such as airborne allergens, dander, pollen and irritants in the air. This product was tested at an allergy research center, independent laboratories and universities, which confirmed that it is efficient enough to trap any airborne particle as small as one micron and larger.



The Sharper Image Iconic Breeze cleans air effectively and circulates clean air. It is relatively silent, with no motor or fan. Key specifications worth mentioning is its attractiveness, lightweight, low energy use, relatively silent operation, and proven air cleaning. No need to replace filters. The Iconic Breeze Compact Air Purifier does not need filter replacements, adding to its money saving feature. It uses a Quadra, which is an electrostatic precipitator, which charges airborne particles. It effectively traps it on a charged stainless steel collector on its opposite side. Due to its silence and low six watts power usage, the Iconic Breeze is designed to run continuously. The unit easily assembles and cleaning it is simple. The stainless steel collector, which should be wiped down, removes quick and easy. You can dust it down or wash the collection grids. Do not reassemble or plug in the unit until it is dry. Cleaning it once a month should be sufficient.

What’s So Great About The Sharper Image SI397?

  1. Money saver – no replacement of filters and uses only 6 watts.
  2. Lightweight at only five pounds
  3. Height is 19-inches.
  4. Relatively silent and can be used in bedrooms or anywhere where you do not want much noise interference.
  5. Plugs into a three-prong wall outlet
  6. Effective odor reduction
  7. It is suggested to use in rooms of up to 270 square feet
  8. It has a three-year warranty
  9. Easy to keep clean, simply by wiping it down or rinse it with water
  10. It will eliminate smoke odors and smells
  11. Great for pet owners as it even removes odor of cat-litter boxes

What’s Not So Great About The Sharper Image SI397?

  1. Some users do complain that they would have preferred if they did not have to clean the Iconic Breeze 3.0 and would prefer replaceable filters.

Is This A Great Purchase?

Yes, it is a great purchase and highly recommended for people with allergies, individuals who have pets in their homes and live in polluted areas. The area where you live, the amount of people in your home and your everyday life will determine how often it would need cleaning. It requires no filter replacements. Simply plug it into your wall and it runs on low six watts.