SPT SF-1522 Review

SPT SF-1522 Tower Fan with Night Light helps to provide you with a cool and comfortable room. Hidden away in the corner out of your eyes, this fan, which is designed to provide great airflow and circulation, which will help you relax and stay calm.


Who Is This Fan For?

This fan is designed for anyone who wants a small fan that will not take up too much floor or table space and will still keep them cool, comfortable, cozy, and relaxed from the heat. You can rely on this fan to do the work for you while it stays hidden in the corner.


It is extremely small, lightweight, and easy to use. At only 10.8 pounds and a diameter and height of 7.5 x 31 x 9 inches, this fan will not clutter your living or dining room much while providing you with the coolness you desire. The fan even comes in one of two colors: you can get it either in green or in white.

There are many other additional advantages that this fan has to offer. For example, it comes with a nightlight that is built in and will keep your room from going entirely dark in the middle of the night. Of course, use of the nightlight is optional. It oscillates at a seventy-degree angle and comes with a separate control. It has a two hour off-timer so that you do not have to worry about it going the whole night while you sleep without the option of turning it off. It has a safety thermal protection and three-speed settings for your convenience.

What’s So Great About The SPT SF-1522?

This product has many pros and advantages, as mentioned above. Many fans do not come with a built-in nightlight, and this fan does. Furthermore, as mentioned above, this fan has an auto off-timer and is small, thin, lightweight, and stays out of your face. And unlike some other fans, this fan does not sound like a dinosaur. It makes a small, gentle sound like a fan should.

What’s Not So Great About The SPT SF-1522?

Are there any cons with this fan? Well, the answer to that will depend. Not everyone enjoys the sound that fans make. But there is not really anything that can be done about it, besides not using a fan at all. After all, in order for a fan to cool off a room, it must blow around the air. It is this air circulation that makes a soft noise, regardless of which fan you use. Actually, unlike other fans that might have large motors that sound like a truck is pulling up to your house, this fan has the sound of a standard fan.